VersionPress 4.0 Alpha

We’re happy to announce that after months of development, VersionPress 4.0-alpha1 is ready and available on GitHub. It brings plugin support which means that even complex sites like WooCommerce shops, large magazines etc. will be able to enjoy version control benefits soon. There are also some other nice features like an awesome Slack-like search, branching & merging visualization, support for Composer workflows and more.

VersionPress 4.0 will undergo a full alpha / beta period to gather feedback on the plugin support and this really is the first alpha. Not all planned features are in it but it’s a good start. Continue reading “VersionPress 4.0 Alpha”

VersionPress 4.0: Feedback on Plugin Support Wanted

VersionPress 4.0 introduces one significant feature: support for plugins and themes. It’s a complex task and a pull request so large that GitHub barely handles it 😃 but we’re close to merging it.

Before we do so and release the first alpha for 4.0, we’re looking for feedback on docs/ document. It’s not a short read but hopefully an interesting one. Continue reading “VersionPress 4.0: Feedback on Plugin Support Wanted”

Insider Program

As mentioned in the last post we’re working on a couple of things around VersionPress and would like to know your feedback through the “insider program”. It won’t take up a lot of your time – probably a couple of minutes a month via occasional surveys, one-on-one chats etc. – but would be very useful to us and we’ll offer sneak peeks and discounts in return. Continue reading “Insider Program”