I’m happy to announce that VersionPress is getting a sister project: It is a hosted WordPress platform (a managed WordPress host if you will) that takes the best ideas from VersionPress and packages them in an easy to use interface and adds things like backups, security and world-class infrastructure. It has full compatibility with WordPress plugins and doesn’t require Git so it’s a perfect place to host almost any WordPress site.

Pre-orders are available today, go check it out at


This is an exciting moment for us and also step in a new direction so let me share the full story with you. Continue reading “Announcing”

Insider Program

UPDATE: just to be clear, the insider program is not about VersionPress itself, it’s about cloud services for WordPress freelancers and agencies we’re working on. If you’re interested in VersionPress itself, chat with us on Gitter or discuss things via GitHub issues.

As mentioned in the last post we’re working on a couple of things around VersionPress and would like to know your feedback through the “insider program”. It won’t take up a lot of your time – probably a couple of minutes a month via occasional surveys, one-on-one chats etc. – but would be very useful to us and we’ll offer sneak peeks and discounts in return. Continue reading “Insider Program”

VersionPress 3.0 Released

In January, we were pretty confident VersionPress 3.0 would be released by the end of that month. In February, we were pretty confident… you get the idea. It’s the end of April and I’m really happy to announce that VersionPress 3.0 is finally ready! It’s a major technical release and we’ve done some crazy stuff to support every possible quirk and nuance of WordPress (until we find some new ones, of course!). How often do you write your own Git merge driver?

Also, VersionPress 3.0 is the first version available as a fully open-sourced release on GitHub. We’ve transitioned to this new model earlier this month and are very happy with it. For instance, we could get rid of PayPal 🙂

To get VersionPress 3.0, head over to GitHub releases, download and enjoy! Continue reading “VersionPress 3.0 Released”

Going Open Source

It is my great pleasure to announce that VersionPress goes fully Open Source today. While the software itself has been GPL’d since the first releases, we’ve been developing it privately and Early Access was a paid-for program. All of that goes away today.

VersionPress’ new home is now on GitHub are we’re not just making it freely available there, VersionPress will truly be developed out in the open and run as an open source project, hopefully with the help of a broader WordPress community over time. We encourage you to star / watch the repo and join us in the mission to turn WordPress into a fully versioned platform.

Oh, and “by the way”, we’re also releasing VersionPress 3.0-beta today. Continue reading “Going Open Source”