VersionPress 4.0: Feedback on Plugin Support Wanted

VersionPress 4.0 introduces one significant feature: support for plugins and themes. It’s a complex task and a pull request so large that GitHub barely handles it ? but we’re close to merging it.

Before we do so and release the first alpha for 4.0, we’re looking for feedback on docs/ document. It’s not a short read but hopefully an interesting one. Continue reading “VersionPress 4.0: Feedback on Plugin Support Wanted”

Git Was Not a Good Idea

(EDIT: As many of you noticed, this was indeed an April Fool’s Day prank. We love Git, it’s the center part of what we do and SVN could not possibly work inside VersionPress.)

When we started developing VersionPress, Git seemed like an obvious choice: we used it for our other software projects, GitHub was widely popular back then (and still is) and we simply didn’t have too many reasons to consider other alternatives. However, over the years, we’ve regretted this decision many times and finally came to the conclusion that it’s time to do something about it.

So, later this month, we’ll start converting VersionPress to use Subversion (SVN) internally. Yay! Continue reading “Git Was Not a Good Idea”

The db.php Issue

In VersionPress 2.0, apart from sync / staging and revamped UI, we also took a look at a long-standing issue we have with the db.php drop-in. This blog post will be a bit technical but the TL;DR is that we will now be able to run side-by-side with some popular plugins like W3 Total Cache or Query Monitor and generally work on sites that need to use the database drop-in for some reason. Continue reading “The db.php Issue”