Remote Workflows

Currently, the commands for cloning and merging¬†only work locally, meaning that you cannot, out of the box, create a staging environment on a different server. That is often desirable so I’m going to show how you can achieve that today with a little bit of scripting.

By the way, if you want staging for your WP site to be really easy and don’t want to mess with CLI scripts, we’re close to releasing a beta of something interesting in this space. Email me at to join the Insider program. Continue reading “Remote Workflows”

VersionPress 2.0: Easy Staging

As we’re getting closer to a release of VersionPress 2.0, I’m going to blog about a couple of features that are coming as part of that release. Probably the biggest one is database synchronization which enables things like painless staging, team workflows, etc. This area is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to managing WordPress sites and I think we have a pretty¬†interesting solution in v2. Continue reading “VersionPress 2.0: Easy Staging”